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Earth Day 41 on the Fly

Earth Day 41 on the Fly . . .


A carpet of Marsh Marigold (Caltha pulustris) covers the banks of French Creek in Phoenixville, PA. (photo taken 04 22 2011)


Last year I celebrated the 40th anniversary of Earth Day by fly fishing in Manhattan’s Central Park. This year, because of the Easter and Passover holidays, my wife and I found ourselves in her hometown of Phoenixville, PA.

The urban angler, my literary alter ego (and primary job description), finds a home away from home in this attractive red brick steel town located in Pennsylvania’s Chester County. A tributary of the Schuylkill River, French Creek, flows just five blocks from the home of my wife’s parents. We began to fly fish there last year and discovered a fine and scenic fishery for brown trout, fallfish, and the ocassional smallmouth bass and sunfish.

No fish were encountered during this year’s inagural outing. The spring has sprung slowly here and the day progressed under a gray nimbus sky. A thin rain made conditions right for early season trout fishing, (low light, a sustained evening insect hatch), but the fish were not to be encountered along the stretch we explored with the dry fly, wet fly, and streamer. We did see some interesting bird species (tufted titmouse and belted kingfisher) and several varieties of blooming wildflowers, including the Marsh Marigold (Caltha pulustris) which I described last year as “The Fly Fisher’s Flower” . . .

Happy Earth Day (#41) !

– rPs 04 22 2011

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