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Autumn Whites

Autumn Whites . . .

White Aster & Snakeroot (Manhattan, NYC, 11 2016)

White Aster & Snakeroot
(Manhattan, NYC, 11 2016)

Russet variation of deciduous oaks and maples see their feet dressed in filigree of wildflower white as sparse as lace, or as morning frost on lawn, or the first accumulated dusting of flurries.

Friends appear like snowflakes clung to a window. … ”

Lines of poems shaped like prose recited aloud in the out of doors can be a symptom, if one allows it, of mind, perhaps your own, ruminating, meeting, encountering such attractive intersections of nature and the city.

Here it remains, on the west side of Manhattan, where civil island meets tidal river at a time when sun sets are fast and temperatures bring a shiver.

The cold months are hinted on the rippled gray sky, felt on the wind, not far.

– rPs 11 21 2016


Postscript: Thanksgiving is on the menu. Centerpiece: Wildflower White (Asteraceae, various)


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Brown, White, and Blue

Brown, White, and Blue . . .

Brown, White, and Blue

Brown, White, and Blue

Brown, white, and blue fills out the flag of the season marked by low light and temperatures. Late autumn, the winter proper, and early spring together sing in a harmony of three colors on clear bright days.

American Pokeweed stands shriveled and tan with a few blackened clusters of berries still in grip.

American Pokeweed 12 12 2014

American Pokeweed
12 12 2014

Asters of several varieties have browned and gone to seed in heads as white as frost.

Asters of New York 12 12 2014

Asters of New York
12 12 2014

Snow, a bit, marks the edges. December, a proper cold one in New York City, can still give the hiker or cross country runner gifts of discovery as long as fans of wildflowers respect and appreciate the full life cycle of urban species.

December: Two Species Together

December: Two Species Together

– rPs 12 12 2014

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