Oh! Shoot(s)!

Oh! Shoot(s)!

I Wish Spring! (photo taken 03 13 2014)

I Wish Spring! (photo taken 03 13 2014)

Ice has locked up the lakes in Central Park since December and America’s best colors, from my recent outsider perspective, could better be described as Brown, White, and Blue. This combination, stirred by a brisk wind, is one of my favorites from an outdoor esthetic standpoint. Yet, at some moment, it shall pass when this part of the world again warms and goes green.

Oh! Shoot(s)!

Last week, in the process of an afternoon constitutional, which I sometimes jokingly call my urban nature hikes, I found a colony of green shoots established above a bed of brown oak tree leaves. The first sign, followed shortly by loose flocks of robins, perched, or hunting the damp ground.

Spring is less than one week away . . .

e.g. G

Green Thumb
Is Up:

Better than

One up.

A Russian

In time.




From functions of figures
By ron P. swegman, c. 2014

– rPs 03 17 2014

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