Park Management . . . or Massacre?

Park Management . . . Or Massacre?

West Village Wildflower Massacre! (photo taken 08 17 2012)

The small park located at the end of Horatio and Jane in the West Village has long been a rich source of wildflower species. Many of the photos I have taken picture flowers blooming along this specific stretch of green space. This came to an end when, on Thursday, August 16, a group of workers denuded every living thing from the area. They were careful to leave all of the litter behind.

Obviously, I have a very different view of park management from those who actually do supervise these spaces. Gone are marsh marigold, yellow thistle, garlic mustard, prostrate amaranth, Queen Anne’s lace, shepherd’s purse, peppercress, marestail, and mugwort. Rest in Peace, pretty plants.

— rPs 08 19 2012

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