NYC Wildflower Week: May 6-15, 2011

NYC Wildflower Week: May 6-15, 2011 . . .

A sun-dappled corner of Manhattan's Central Park in bloom. (photo taken 05 08 2011)


NYC Wildfloweer Week is in full swing, or more appropriatelty put, in full bloom. There are over 45 events, mostly free, open to the public, and schueduled around all five boroughs of the city with a special focus on Union Square. A full listing of events can be found by following this link:

New York City possesses 53,000 acres of open space and 778 native plant species (plus numerous flowering immigrants, many of which are featured here at WWV), so take some time to explore the urban outdoors and enjoy May’s wildflowers.

— rPs 05 13 2011

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  1. mthew said

    Nice. I’ve blogrolled you, rPs.

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